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Illustration, TimeX Lists EnjinCoin (ENJ)

TimeX Lists EnjinCoin (ENJ)

TimeX has added EnjinCoin (ENJ), the native token of the Enjin platform for blockchain game developers. Users can now trade ENJ/USDT on TimeX and enjoy the benefits of owning the currency that powers NFT creation in an increasing number of games – thereby buying into a booming segment of the blockchain space.

Illustration, Australian Crypto Laws & Regulations 2021

Australian Crypto Laws & Regulations 2021

For retail traders who simply want to buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptos, the Autralian rules are simple. For those running crypto businesses or providing blockchain services, things can be more complicated – but the level of clarity provided by regulators should be reassuring.

Illustration, TimeX Lists Smooth Love Potion (SLP)

TimeX Lists Axie Infinity's SLP Token

TimeX’s newest coin listing is Smooth Love Potions (SLP), the native token of the highly popular play-to-earn game, Axie Infinity! By purchasing SLP, you’ll be able to take part in Axie Infinity, breed collectible Axie NFTs to deploy in game combat or sell, and benefit from any price rise due to increased demand for tokens as the game gains new players.

Illustration, TimeX Lists The Crypto Prophecies (TCP)

TimeX Lists The Crypto Prophecies (TCP)

TimeX’s latest listing is TCP, the native token for The Crypto Prophecies – an upcoming, fast-paced and exciting crypto price prediction game with built-in NFT features that make it more fun, more competitive, and more profitable than anything similar on the market.

Illustration, Ten Advantages To Paying With Bitcoin

Ten Advantages To Paying With Bitcoin

The internet has profoundly changed the way we live, work, and play, for many purposes shrinking Planet Earth to the size of a room. We can video chat with a friend in another country as easily as if they were sitting across the table from us. Buy a book from Amazon and have it delivered faster than if we had to go out and find a shop that stocked it. Stream a movie from our sofa when we once would have had to drive to the cinema. Work with colleagues all over the world without setting foot outside our houses, let alone getting on a plane.

Illustration, Which Institutions Own The Most Bitcoin

Which Institutions Own Bitcoin?

Institutional investment in Bitcoin has been a key driver of the 2020-21 bull market, with the top ten corporate investors alone holding almost 200,000 BTC, or over 1% of total current supply.

Illustration "Bitcoin vs. Ethereum: Which Is The Better Investment?"

Bitcoin vs. Ethereum: Which Is The Better Investment?

Newcomers to crypto trading often ask whether they should buy Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). However, this is a simple approach that overlooks the differences between the two cryptos, the role that each plays in the crypto world, and their respective appeal to investors.

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