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Illustration, Ten Crypto Highs And Lows From 2022 - The Crypto Year In Review

Ten Highs And Lows From 2022 - The Crypto Year In Review

No one can pretend that 2022 has been an easy year for the crypto sector. Over the past 12 months we’ve had to deal with the implosion of one of the largest DeFi protocols, widespread contagion to centralised crypto institutions, and the bankruptcy of exchanges, brokers, lenders, hedge funds, and other major players in the industry. In short, there’s a lot that happened in the crypto space in 2022, both good and bad. Here are ten of the most important events and trends from the past year.

Illustration, 5 Reasons To Gift Crypto This Christmas

5 Reasons To Gift Crypto This Christmas

Christmas is coming! As December gets under way, chances are you’re turning your thoughts to the holidays. If you’re stuck for gift ideas, and another pair of socks or a book don’t convey the necessary thoughtfulness when gift shopping for your nearest and dearest, why not consider setting them up with some crypto? Giving digital assets is a little more unusual and imaginative than some of the standard gifts that change hands this time of year – and there might be hidden benefits, both for you and the recipient.

Illustration, Buying Bitcoin In Australia In 2022

Buying Crypto In Australia In 2022: Everything You Need To Know

Crypto isn’t fully regulated in Australia, although there are plans afoot to change that. There are also lots of misconceptions, particularly around taxation. With that in mind, it’s well worth doing a little research to ensure that you’re aware of the current regulatory landscape, that you stay as safe as possible, and that you’re aware of your obligations to the ATO. Find out everything you need to know as an Australian who wants to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in this Guide.

Illustration, 14 Years Of Bitcoin The Story So Far

14 Years Of Bitcoin: The Story So Far

31 October 2022 marked exactly 14 years since Satoshi Nakamoto first described his new idea for peer-to-peer electronic cash in the Bitcoin white paper, which he announced with a post on the Cypherpunks Mailing List. Since then, blockchain technology has grown into a thriving, trillion-dollar industry. But how did it all get started, what have been some of the milestones along the way – and what might the future hold?

Illustration, Crypto Trading Basics for Newcomers

An Introduction To Crypto Trading

If you’ve spent any time at all in the crypto world, you’ll know that trading and price speculation is a huge part of the ecosystem. After all, cryptocurrency is a new class of financial asset. Bitcoin has arguably been the best-performing asset of the last decade, and is responsible for minting tens of thousands of new millionaires. Some of these people have made their money by short-term trading, some by carefully positioning themselves and holding for the long run. So, what do you need to know about markets, exchanges, trading and investing to build wealth in crypto?

Illustration, Why Would You Still Buy Bitcoin In 2022

Why Would You Still Buy Bitcoin In 2022?

2022 has been a brutal year for bitcoin. Following the all-time high of $69,000 on 10 November 2021, BTC has crashed to a low of $17,593 – losing almost 75% of its value. Along the way, it has suffered its worst month (June: -45%), worst quarter (Q2: -56%), and worst half-year (H1: -59%) ever. So, why would anyone want to buy bitcoin in 2022? While the world's biggest cryptocurrency failed to impress so far this year, this might be the perfect opportunity to buy Bitcoin.

Illustration, After the merge what is next for ethereum

After The Merge: What’s Next For Ethereum?

In the early hours of Thursday morning (UTC), Ethereum hit a long-awaited milestone as mainnet merged with the Beacon Chain, completing the network’s transition from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake. The Ethereum Foundation has described the Merge as "the most significant upgrade in the history of Ethereum", and it does have huge implications for the future of the world’s first and largest smart contract platform. However, equally important is what changes the Merge does not bring – and what development goals still lie ahead.

Illustration, Ethereum 2.0 Merge Explained

Ethereum 2.0 Merge Explained: Everything you need to know

Launched in 2015, Ethereum is now home to the largest ecosystem of decentralised financial applications and other projects in the blockchain space. But despite its capabilities, Ethereum has limitations that prevent its widespread usage. Thus, Ethereum is preparing a far-reaching series of improvements to the network that will see it move to a proof of stake (PoS) consensus model as it merges with the Beacon Chain, or Consensus Layer, which will in turn enable future upgrades. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Ethereum Merge and future upgrades.

Illustration, How Can Digital Nomads Benefit From Crypto

How Can Digital Nomads Benefit From Crypto?

Digital nomads combine remote work – whether freelance or permanent – with travel, making the world their office. Cryptocurrencies offer particular benefits to these digital nomads, giving rise to a new trend of ‘crypto nomads’, who work in the blockchain sector and rely on digital cash to fund their lifestyles – helping them enjoy the freedom of working away from home without the downsides.

Illustration, Altcoin Season What It Is And How To Prepare Yourself

What Is Altcoin Season, And How Can You Prepare For It?

Altcoin Season is the name given in crypto circles to a period of time when altcoins make significant gains against bitcoin. It’s typically a point in the market cycle when large profits are generated for lucky or savvy holders, with some alts making gains of 10-50x in a matter of weeks. Alt Season isn’t always easy to spot in advance, but it’s well worth keeping your eyes open for signs that the market might be turning in favour of smaller-cap coins.

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