TimeX Lists RisingSun (RSUN)


Following RisingSun’s successful play-to-earn NFT game launch, the RSUN token has now been listed on TimeX and can be traded immediately.

The $RSUN token of RisingSun powers a wide-spanning game ecosystem that revolves around the current main game, Samurai Rising, and will also be central to the upcoming, Hearthstone-like, skill-based v2 game, named Rise of the Shogun.

Both games feature collectible Samurai, Shogun, Ninja, Monk and more battle cards in the form of NFTs. Every NFT has unique in-game stats and is a one-of-a-kind combination of different visual assets, such as weapons and armor. Players go head to head in an NFT card game that rewards them with Influence ($INF) — a secondary token embedded in the RisingSun ecosystem.

$INF facilitates SamuraiRising’s play-to-earn mechanics. The token is held in a liquidity pool with $RSUN, allowing players to convert their winnings to $RSUN while simultaneously expanding the ecosystem. At a later stage, $INF might be listed on TimeX as well.

A focus on community development and rapid feature expansion makes RisingSun one of the most exciting projects on Binance Smart Chain. A Land sale is currently ongoing that allows players to reserve a plot of land - each of those also being its own NFT - on the first island of feudal Japan, Kyushu, to build houses, barracks, ports and lots of other buildings to gather resources and train soldiers for your ever-growing army.

For more information on RisingSun, check out their white paper, website, twitter and especially gitbook, where you can find all necessary information to get started.

Just recently, our player guild, CGU.io, also announced a partnership with RisingSun with a pledge to onboard 50 scholars to the game initially.

RSUN can now be traded against USDT on TimeX. Subsequent pairs will be added depending on demand from the community. You can deposit, trade, and withdraw RSUN from TimeX with confidence.

Trade RSUN/USDT on TimeX.

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