About Us
TimeX is a new exchange built by Chrono.tech to solve key problems of the current crypto ecosystem. The platform combines features from both centralised and decentralised exchanges, offering the best of both worlds in terms of speed, security, cost and protection against front-running and other illegal and unethical activities.

Centralised exchanges have always been a feature of the cryptocurrency landscape, but they are opaque and have a poor track-record for security, with billions of dollars of crypto lost through hacking and theft. Meanwhile, decentralised exchanges may offer greater transparency and security, but are slow and vulnerable to front-running by unscrupulous miners.

TimeX uses Plasma technology and ideas from the Gluon Plasma white paper to build a non-custodial exchange that is fit for purpose. A Plasma sidechain enables fast, low-cost off-chain transactions. Centralised order books and order matching allow third parties to facilitate trustless trades without counterparty risk – and while trades are transparently secured by the blockchain, the system is not susceptible to front-running like early DEX implementations.

The result is a secure, low-latency exchange, with low trading fees and outstanding security.
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