About Us

TimeX is a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange based in Australia. The platform was developed and is maintained by Sydney blockchain company Chrono.tech, and offers users a combination of benefits including speed, security, privacy and compliance.
$22.1 M+
Trade volume

About TimeX

TimeX is a Plasma-based cryptocurrency exchange that brings together both centralised and decentralised technologies, allowing traders to enjoy the best of both worlds. Chrono.tech, the company responsible for creating TimeX, has also launched the Australian dollar-backed token AUDT, enabling Australian users to move funds into and out of the blockchain ecosystem efficiently and securely. TimeX is regulated by Austrac, Australia’s financial intelligence agency, which ensures the company follows best practices and guidelines for the fintech and crypto industry. Chrono.tech’s team of more than 30 employees is located around the world, and includes some of the most talented blockchain professionals and smart contract developers in the industry.

TimeX Team

Sergei Sergienko
Chief Executive Officer
Andrey Petrushko
Chief Operating Officer
And 40 developers, 2 designers, 1 product manager, 2 content managers, 1 smm-manager

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