Sell Australian Dollar Token

Sell AUD token (AUDT) on TimeX, a fully-licensed Australian crypto exchange. AUDT can be sold against multiple other currencies. Since AUD token is pegged to AUD $ 1, it's the ideal way to store value and place trades againt other cryptos.

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What is Australian dollar token?

AUD token (AUDT) is a stablecoin pegged to the value of the Australian dollar. AUDT is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain and backed by fiat reserves held by the issuing company. This enables traders to lock funds in a stable store of value while keeping them on the blockchain.

How do I buy AUDT?

Deposit funds into your account.
Enter the amount of AUDT (or Australian Dollar equivalent) that you would like to buy or sell.
Click ‘Buy' to confirm your AUDT purchase and your Time tokens will arrive in your TimeX wallet within minutes.

Buy AUDT with VISA or Mastercard in AUD

200.0000 AUDT
500.0000 AUDT
1000.0000 AUDT
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How to sell AUDT

Users based in Australia can buy AUDT from TimeX in just a few minutes. Simply open an account, complete verification, and deposit funds via bank transfer or a range of other options.

1.000000 Australian Dollar Token = 1 Australian Dollar (AUD)

AUDT [Australian Dollar Token]AUD [Australian Dollar]
0.01 Australian Dollar Token=0.0100 Australian Dollar
0.1 Australian Dollar Token=0.1000 Australian Dollar
1 Australian Dollar Token=1.0000 Australian Dollar
2 Australian Dollar Token=2.0000 Australian Dollar
3 Australian Dollar Token=3.0000 Australian Dollar
5 Australian Dollar Token=5.0000 Australian Dollar
10 Australian Dollar Token=10.0000 Australian Dollar
20 Australian Dollar Token=20.0000 Australian Dollar
50 Australian Dollar Token=50.0000 Australian Dollar
100 Australian Dollar Token=100.0000 Australian Dollar
1000 Australian Dollar Token=1000.0000 Australian Dollar

Australian AUDT Exchange Pros and Cons

TimeX is the decentralised crypto exchange for the ChronoBank ecosystem: a completely secure, easy and convenient way to trade digital tokens and cryptocurrencies on a peer-to-peer basis.
AUDT is a fiat-backed stablecoin, pegged to the value of the Australian dollar.
The company that holds the dollar reserves to back AUDT tokens is regulated and compliant, and holds regular audits by third parties.
AUDT can be withdrawn as dollars to any Australian bank account.
AUDT can be traded against several currencies on TimeX and used for payments on LaborX.
Because Australian dollars are less widely used than US dollars, AUDT’s network effect and liquidity are lower.
AUDT is supported by a limited number of exchanges and applications.
As an Ethereum token, AUDT can be subject to high transaction fees and delays.
AUDT can only be withdrawn to Australian bank accounts.