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What is BITCOIN?

Bitcoin (BTC) is the original and most popular digital currency. It's peer-to-peer online cash, created by an anonymous developer known as Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin will only ever have a supply of 21 million coins, meaning that by buying bitcoin, you're investing in 'digital gold'.

How to buy BITCOIN?



Deposit funds into your account.

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Enter the amount of Bitcoin (or Australian Dollar equivalent) that you would like to buy or sell.


Click ‘Buy' to confirm your Bitcoin purchase and your Bitcoin will arrive in your TimeX wallet within minutes.


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Secure BTC Purchase

Users based in Australia can buy BTC from TimeX in just a few minutes. Simply open an account, complete verification, and deposit funds via bank transfer or a range of other options.

0.000010 BITCOIN = 1 AUD

BTC BITCOINAUD Australian Dollar
0.01 BTC1017.6364 AUD
0.1 BTC10176.3637 AUD
1 BTC101763.6367 AUD
2 BTC203527.2734 AUD
3 BTC305290.9101 AUD
5 BTC508818.1834 AUD
10 BTC1017636.3669 AUD
20 BTC2035272.7338 AUD
50 BTC5088181.8345 AUD
100 BTC10176363.6689 AUD
1000 BTC101763636.6893 AUD

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200 AUD
500 AUD
1000 AUD
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Pros and Cons
Australian Crypto Exchange

TimeX is the decentralised exchange for the ChronoBank ecosystem: a completely secure, easy and convenient way to trade digital tokens and cryptocurrencies on a peer-to-peer basis.
Bitcoin is the most open financial system ever developed. Anyone can make global payments, 24/7.
Bitcoin is the first, most popular, and most secure cryptocurrency, giving it the reputation of being ‘digital gold’.
You can transfer any amount of money to anyone else for a small fee within just minutes, so bitcoin is typically both faster and cheaper than traditional banking services.
You can buy bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies safely and easily on TimeX, a regulated Australian exchange.
Bitcoin is still considered experimental technology, and investors should not assume it will function perfectly.
Bitcoin transactions are immutable, meaning that once the money leaves your wallet, there is no way to get them back.
Transactions are irreversible, so payments made in error (or thefts) cannot be returned without the recipient agreeing.
Bitcoin is very volatile, with significant fluctuations in value over even short periods of time.