Don't feed the banks
Earn up to 80% on every friends trade

Get up to 80% comission while your friends are trading. The more friends your invite, the higher profit you get!

Crypto is better than bills

Up to 80% profit from the fees

Whenever your friends make trades, your profit increases up to 80% commission.

4 levels to help you earn more money

When everybody in the world is friends! Friends of your friends are your referrals. They all help you to earn more profit. Up to 4 levels of friendship! You define the percentage of the 1st and the 2nd levels by yourself, the percentage of the 3d level - 7%, of the 4th level - 3%.

How to start


Start with registration

It is super easy to participate in the TimeX referral program. The only thing you need is to register and you get access for the partner dashboard. There you may customize conditions for you and your friends.

Set commission amount

It is you who decide how much you and your referrals earn. When you generate the link, you set the amount of the profit for yourself and your referral network.

Share and earn

You have an option to create an unlimited number of referral campaigns and share the links immediately in social media. Monitor the stats and profit of your campaigns using the dashboard.