How to buy and trade $CGU on TimeX


How to participate in the CGU token sale event on October 18th

  • USDT
  • TIME
  • DAI
  • USDC
  • BUSD
  • SLP

You may also deposit any other crypto or fiat to your TimeX account and exchange it for one of those mentioned above, which will be the only ones directly accepted on the token sale. For fiat deposits using credit card or SEPA please go to Deposit USD.

  • Go to the TimeX launchpad.
  • In the ‘Pay’ field, select the amount and type of crypto you want to use to buy CGU tokens.
  • Click ‘Get CGU’, confirm the request and the CGU tokens are yours and will be credited to your account shortly after the sale has finished - congratulations!


How to trade CGU on the open market after the token sale event

  • Sign up on the exchange.
  • Confirm your email address.
  • Deposit any crypto through the balances page or, if you want to load your account with fiat money, you can do so with credit card or SEPA through Deposit USD.
  • Go to the Convert page and, if you don’t have USDT yet, exchange the crypto or USD balance you have for USDT.
  • When you have USDT exchange then for the amount of CGU you want, again on the Convert page or by using the 'Trading' button on the top left of the screen and searching for the CGU/USDT market.
  • Done! You should now see CGU on your balances page from where you can withdraw them if you want.
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