How To Connect GamepadBot With Your TimeX Account


GamepadBot, a fast-growing P2E games platform, has been integrated with TimeX. Here’s how to get set up so your earnings are credited directly to your exchange account as USD.


GamepadBot is a P2E service that allows users to play simple games and complete various other activities in return for crypto rewards. A new integration now allows users to link their TimeX accounts with the app, so that any rewards they earn are paid out straight to TimeX, where they are available for trading, withdrawal, or secure storage. All rewards are deposited as US dollars to users’ USD wallets on the exchange.

About GamepadBot

GamepadBot is a minigames platform that users access by logging in with their Telegram accounts. Players have the option of earning small amounts of crypto for playing an ever growing selection of short games, with regular prize tournaments also being held. Additionally, crypto rewards are available for completing tasks such as inviting friends to sign up via a referral program, joining GamepadBot’s social media channels, putting together teams and other activities.

While it’s possible to link an external wallet to receive your crypto rewards, many users will find TimeX’s new integration helpful, since it allows all earnings to be automatically credited as USD to their exchange wallet – avoiding problems of volatility and managing your own private keys.

Connect GamepadBot to TimeX

Getting started with GamepadBot and connecting your TimeX account is fast and straightforward. Start by visiting and select your preferred language.

Click ‘Log in’ to connect your Telegram account with GamepadBot. You’ll be prompted to open Telegram.

Within Telegram, click the ‘Play’ button to connect your account, and you’ll be redirected back to the site, where you can start playing games to earn crypto.

To connect your TimeX account, next log into TimeX. Under the Profile icon in the top menu bar, click Account.

Under ‘TimeX ID’ you’ll find an address for GamepadBot. Copy this address, then return to Click ‘Profile’ at the bottom of the page, click the ‘Settings’ (gear) icon, ‘Wallets’, and select ‘TimeX’ from the list of options.

Paste in the wallet address you copied from TimeX and click ‘Save’, and that’s it! Your earnings (minimum $10) will be credited straight to your TimeX account for you to trade, withdraw, or simply hold.

If you want to disconnect your Telegram account, you can do so at any time from the Settings menu of GamepadBot, or from Telegram itself.

Find out more about GamepadBot on Twitter and Instagram.

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