TimeX Lists The Crypto Prophecies (TCP)


TimeX’s latest listing is TCP, the native token for The Crypto Prophecies – an upcoming, fast-paced and exciting crypto price prediction game with built-in NFT features that make it more fun, more competitive, and more profitable than anything similar on the market.

What is The Crypto Prophecies? 

Billed as the ‘World’s cutest price prediction trading game’, The Crypto Prophecies is set to launch in the coming weeks. The project combines the crypto world’s love of competitive chart analysis with its fascination with non-fungible tokens (NFTs): unique, indivisible tokens that can be used to signify artworks, virtual collectibles and other special digital items.

In essence, the game is simple: players challenge their friends to a prediction battle, wagering a sum of tokens on where the next candle on the price chart will close. More experienced traders will recognise patterns sooner, giving them a better chance of winning. But, of course, it’s more complicated – and fun – than that.

The Crypto Prophecies’ secret sauce is its characters and magical items, all of which are represented by NFTs. These can be used to ‘level up’ players, as well as transferred and traded on secondary markets like OpenSea.

How the game works

The Crypto Prophecies starts with players summoning a prophet and equipping them with the weapons (NFTs) they will need to meet an opponent in battle. Then, the player places their wager in TCP tokens and waits to be matched with another suitable player.

Contests are fought in the game’s Battle Arena, where the aim is to predict where a series of candlesticks will close. The Crypto Prophets tests technical analysts’ skill by allocating points according to how early the result is predicted, with more successful forecasts winning more points and incorrect forecasts losing them. The player who has accrued the most points at the end of the round wins.

That’s the basic version, but players who reach a certain level can also gain skills and deploy their magical items to impact their opponent’s ability to make successful predictions. These items can be used to prevent other players from seeing candlesticks clearly or even making a prediction at all. This means the right item can swing a game in the holder’s favour, and so these NFTs can be very valuable. The winner takes all, minus the 3% ‘Kingdom fee’. Some of the fee is burned, some is used to fund further development, and some goes into a daily prize pool and is circulated back to the community.

Gameplay takes place in real time, so players are fighting the clock as well as each other. The result is a fast, furious and fun trading game that has seized the imagination of the crypto world. Some 300,000 Crypto Prophets signed up via the referral campaign, meaning there’s already a strong network of players and token holders.

What is the TCP Token?

TCP is the native token of The Crypto Prophecies. It’s a standard, fungible ERC20 token and is used in several different ways within the ecosystem:

  • As the currency of wagers in prediction battles
  • Purchasing NFT characters and items
  • In daily prize draws
  • For access to tournaments and other events
  • For governance votes

You can now buy TCP on TimeX, giving our community the chance to get involved in this exciting and intriguing new crypto predictions game! To find out more, check out The Crypto Prophecies website or read the white paper.

Buy TCP on TimeX now!

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