TimeX Lists Thunder Lands (TNDR)


TNDR, the native in-game token of the Thunder Lands GameFi project, is now trading against USDC on TimeX. As the main currency of the play to earn metaverse, TNDR can be earned through various in-game activities, used to stake for rewards, or spent for in-game NFTs.

What is Thunder Lands?

Thunder Lands is a virtual gaming metaverse set in the genre of Dark Fantasy. The project aims to combine classic MMORPG gaming and innovative blockchain technology. The Thunder Lands team consists of over 30 experienced members who are utilizing the Polygon Blockchain & the newest Unreal Engine 5 to bring their vision of an MMO at the junction of RPG and strategy to reality.

Once upon a time, the Thunder Lands was an entire, fully inhabited world, before hundreds of years of wars ultimately lead to the fragmentation of that world in the ‚Cataclysm‘. Only those in the Central, the biggest of the fragments, managed to survive and are now slowly starting to venture into the outter parts of Thunder Lands, ready to explore, loot and fight anyone that tries to get a piece of their treasures.

In the Thunder Lands, players will engage in a never-ending struggle for recources, territorial conquest and political domination. The MMO will combine both RPG and strategy elements. It will feature a variety of activities, such as PvP in full-fledged 3D locations, research and expeditions, territory acquisition and development, resource farming, crafting, questing, exploring and expanding the Thunder Lands map, and more. Players will be able to create their own fractions, or join guilds to influence developments in the Thunder Lands.

While the first release of the main game is currently scheduled for fall this year, interested gamers can already play the Thunder Lands mini game 'Clicker‘ and start earning TNDR right away.

About Thunder Lands Token TNDR

TNDR is hosted on the Polygon Blockchain (see contract address). The token is the center of the Thunder Lands play to earn gameplay. It will be used to acquire digital assets such as weapons, armor, gear, buildings and more. No matter if through in-game NPCs or via peer-to-peer transactions, TNDR will be the fuel of the Thunder Lands and a valuable asset for progressing in the game. TNDR can be received as a reward by players for actions carried out in the Thunder Lands and the time spent in the game, with 45% of the token’s supply reserved for in-game rewards.

Holders will also be able to stake their tokens for rewards in the metaverse’s second currency POWER, which is used to influence the game world by creating laws and rules, or open fractions and guilds.

The max. supply of TNDR is 10,000,000,000, scheduled to be released over the first 4 years, with burning mechanisms making the token deflationary in that timeframe.

You can find more information about Thunder Lands in the official Whitepaper.

TNDR on TimeX

TimeX has opened the TNDR/USDC trading pair for all users effective immediately. Deposits and withdrawals for TNDR are currently not supported.

Scholars from the play to earn guild Crypto Gaming United can use the market to convert their in-game earnings.

Happy trading!

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