What is TimeX?

December 10, 2020

TimeX is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers users fast, secure crypto trading and a wide range of additional benefits and services for traders. Developed by Australian blockchain company Chrono.tech, the platform delivers a unique set of advantages. Exchanges have long been a single point of failure in the crypto world, and decentralised exchanges have not yet overcome a series of shortcomings, including high trading fees, security issues causing the problem of front-running, and poor user interfaces.

User experience

Using TimeX is just like using a regular centralised exchange. The trading interface will be instantly recognisable, with traditional order books, charts, and customisable trading signals. TimeX’s range of features makes it suitable for beginner or experienced traders alike. Trades are matched quickly, without the lag (and risk of front-running) that occur with DEXs. An OTC desk is available for larger trades (typically $25,000 AUD and upwards).

Fiat deposits and withdrawals

Additionally, TimeX allows users to deposit and withdraw fiat currencies using a wide range of payment options. Australian users can fund their trading from their bank account, and card purchases are also possible for users in locations around the world. 

Simple exchange mode

Smaller crypto purchases up to $300 can be made without registering for an account on TimeX, using the Simple exchange facility. This allows users to pay with a card and receive crypto to their designated wallet address. Signing up for a TimeX account gives the option of higher limits, and for customers to use the hosted wallet built into the platform instead of an external one.

AUDT stablecoin

Alongside USDT, users can buy and sell AUDT, a stablecoin backed 1:1 with reserves of Australian dollars. AUDT is a fully compliant stablecoin, regulated by AUSTRAC, the Australian financial intelligence agency.

Powerful API

TimeX features a powerful API that enables developers to build trading bots and conduct high-frequency trading – automating their trading strategies for speed and convenience.

Trading Terminal integration

API keys can be used to integrate TimeX accounts with popular trading terminal applications like TabTrader, making it easy to trade on the go and access TimeX’s order books wherever you are.

Affiliate programm

An advanced affiliate programm allows users to generate passive income by enabling them to earn a proportion of their referrals’ trading fees. Simply generate a unique link from your account and share it on social media. The multi-level referral programm means that fees are paid not only from direct referrals, but from their referrals, down to the fourth level.

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