AU Dollar Token

AUD Token is a stablecoin backed by Australian dollars, held in a licensed bank account controlled by the issuer. Tokens are minted programmatically by a smart contract as funds are received from customers to the bank account, and can be redeemed for dollars sent to an Australian bank account by the same process in reverse. AUDT are hosted on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is AU Dollar Token?

AUDT is one of several initiatives launched by Australian blockchain company The project is fully compliant with Austrac, the Australian financial intelligence agency, which lays out requirements and best practices for crypto businesses and other financial applications. AUDT can be used to store and transfer value, as well as being traded against other cryptocurrencies. It is one of the reference currencies on TimeX,’s hybrid crypto exchange, which acts as a fiat gateway for deposits and withdrawals. AUDT can also be used as a means of payment for work on LaborX.

AUDT Price Chart

Market Cap:

1.000000 AU Dollar Token = 1 Australian Dollar (AUD)

AUDT [AU Dollar Token]AUD [Australian Dollar]
0.01 AU Dollar Token=0.0100 Australian Dollar
0.1 AU Dollar Token=0.1000 Australian Dollar
1 AU Dollar Token=1.0000 Australian Dollar
2 AU Dollar Token=2.0000 Australian Dollar
3 AU Dollar Token=3.0000 Australian Dollar
5 AU Dollar Token=5.0000 Australian Dollar
10 AU Dollar Token=10.0000 Australian Dollar
20 AU Dollar Token=20.0000 Australian Dollar
50 AU Dollar Token=50.0000 Australian Dollar
100 AU Dollar Token=100.0000 Australian Dollar
1000 AU Dollar Token=1000.0000 Australian Dollar