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EOS is the native token for, a high-scale blockchain system designed for a wide range of different computational operations and use cases. Developed by, a blockchain company co-founded by BitShares creator Dan Larimer, EOS aims to avoid charging transaction fees, while supporting millions of transactions per second. The network is maintained by 21 Block Producers, who are paid with block rewards.

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What is EOS?

EOS was funded with a controversial year-long token sale that raised $4 billion and attracted attention from the US Securities and Exchange Commission. ( ultimately paid $24 million as a penalty for conducting an unregistered ICO.) EOS features a very fast (0.5-second) block time, which it achieves through its Delegated Proof of Stake consensus, whereby blocks are sent to Block Producers that are known in advance. This entails a degree of centralisation, since there are a limited number of BPs, but high throughput. EOS’s smart contracts allow for the creation of distributed applications, similar to dApps on the Ethereum network.

0.166771 EOS = 1 AUD

EOS EOSAUD Australian Dollar
0.01 EOS0.0600 AUD
0.1 EOS0.5996 AUD
1 EOS5.9962 AUD
2 EOS11.9925 AUD
3 EOS17.9887 AUD
5 EOS29.9812 AUD
10 EOS59.9624 AUD
20 EOS119.9249 AUD
50 EOS299.8122 AUD
100 EOS599.6244 AUD
1000 EOS5996.2436 AUD