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TIME is the native token of the ecosystem of products and services, including freelance work platform LaborX and hybrid crypto exchange TimeX. Australian blockchain initiative was launched in 2017 after a crowd sale in which 710,113 TIME were sold for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. TIME was launched on the Ethereum blockchain, though token bridges for other chains are being developed.

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What is TIME?

In 2020 the token was upgraded to meet newer Ethereum standards, reducing transaction costs and allowing integration with the latest DeFi protocols. Token holders swapped their TIME 1.0 for the new TIME 2.0, but the overall supply of 710,113 tokens was maintained. TIME can be used to purchase Premium account status on LaborX, offering a range of benefits, including lower platform fees, priority placement in search listings and increased referral bonuses. TIME continues to be integrated with’s services, with new use cases constantly being researched and developed.

0.012465 TIME = 1 AUD

TIME TIMEAUD Australian Dollar
0.01 TIME0.8022 AUD
0.1 TIME8.0225 AUD
1 TIME80.2246 AUD
2 TIME160.4493 AUD
3 TIME240.6739 AUD
5 TIME401.1232 AUD
10 TIME802.2464 AUD
20 TIME1604.4928 AUD
50 TIME4011.2319 AUD
100 TIME8022.4638 AUD
1000 TIME80224.6384 AUD