Don't feed the banks


USD Coin is a regulated stablecoin issued by a consortium that includes major crypto exchange Coinbase. It is fully backed with dollar deposits, held with US banks, and these reserves are regularly audited and the results published to give holders and traders confidence that USDC is capitalised adequately. USDC can be transferred and traded on the Ethereum blockchain, while maintaining its $ 1 price and being fully compliant with US law.

Crypto is better than bills

What is USDC?

USDC has become a popular stablecoin in the crypto trading and DeFi world. As a regulated token, there is a high degree of transparency concerning its reserves, and it tends to stick very closely to its $1 peg. USDC is listed by many exchanges, with a large number of cryptocurrencies traded against it. It has been integrated into many DeFi protocols and DEXs. Like other centralised and fiat-backed stablecoins, the issuer has a degree of control over USDC, and can blacklist certain addresses if required by law enforcement, preventing token transactions being made by these parties.