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Ripple is a distributed network for international bank transfers. Unlike most blockchain networks, which are fully open and decentralised, Ripple uses a different consensus model that involves multiple rounds of validation by different network participants. XRP is the native token for the network, but is not required for every use case and product created by Ripple Labs.

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What is XRP?

Ripple was founded in 2012 and largely funded by sales of XRP, as well as venture capital investment. The organisation has established partnerships with several major banks, due to the ease with which its technology allows different currencies to be transferred between institutions, and continues to gain traction in the financial sector. Although Ripple is positioned as an alternative to existing international transfers and caters to banking partners, XRP has an active community within the cryptocurrency world and is enthusiastically traded on many large crypto exchanges.

1.375602 XRP = 1 AUD

XRP XRPAUD Australian Dollar
0.01 XRP0.0073 AUD
0.1 XRP0.0727 AUD
1 XRP0.7270 AUD
2 XRP1.4539 AUD
3 XRP2.1809 AUD
5 XRP3.6348 AUD
10 XRP7.2695 AUD
20 XRP14.5391 AUD
50 XRP36.3477 AUD
100 XRP72.6955 AUD
1000 XRP726.9546 AUD