QUANTOCOIN (QTC) is in the process of moving from the Waves Protocol to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The updated QTC token can now be traded against USDT on TimeX.

As the process of migrating QUANTOCOIN (QTC) from Waves Platform to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) continues, TimeX is excited to announce that QTC has been added to the exchange and trading has opened for all users. TimeX users can now start trading USDT against QTC.



QUANTOCOIN is part of the blockchain-powered fintech and DeFi banking platform QuantoPay that gives users more options for saving and spending their money, with earning opportunities beyond those offered by the conventional finance sector. By offering unique, innovative monetary solutions, QuantoPay is aiming to spur crypto and DeFi adoption for everybody.

The Chrono.tech and TimeX team have followed QUANTOCOIN and the related QuantoPay initiatives from their early days, with Chrono.tech’s former CTO joining the team on their mission. The QuantoPay project is now nearing launch, having gained the necessary e-money licences, with release to the general public scheduled for the coming weeks.

A QuantoPay Beta Test version is already available on Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play platforms and available for testing upon invitation. Anyone interested can apply via this link for a chance to test the app early and win 100€.

Alongside these developments, QUANTOCOIN’s chain swap from Waves to BSC will help bring more speed, higher security and cheaper transactions to its users. The chain migration will advance QUANTOCOIN’s adoption and bring the project to a new and vibrant community of supporters.


About the swap

The QTC chain migration is fast and straightforward. All existing holders of the Waves token need to do is register on TimeX and verify their identities, before depositing QTC tokens to the exchange. Waves-QTC are automatically converted to BSC-QTC and will be released to the user in line with pre-existing terms and best practices.

For more information about creating an account on TimeX and swapping your QUANTOCOIN tokens, read How To Swap Your QUANTOCOIN Tokens on TimeX. If you have any further questions about the migration process, please get in touch with TimeX support.


Start trading now

We are very pleased that the migration is proceeding smoothly for QTC holders, and are excited to be able to welcome this new community to TimeX with the listing of the new BSC-QTC token.

Trade QTC/USDT on TimeX.


The chain migration & trading pair launch of QUANTOCOIN (QTC) is conducted in direct cooperation with the QUANTOCOIN team. Terms and conditions apply.

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