TimeX Lists RisingSun’s INF Token


Following TimeX’s recent listing of RisingSun token (RSUN), we’re pleased to announce that the Influence Token (INF) – the second token embedded within the RisingSun ecosystem – is now also supported by TimeX.


About RisingSun

RisingSun is a metaverse concept based on feudal Japan and built on Binance Smart Chain. The realm, which is ruled by the Emperor Nakamoto, is entering a period of chaos and civil war, and requires brave warriors to restore order.


As a blockchain-based system, participants can acquire digital land in the ‘Samuraiverse’, and build wealth as they engage with the different aspects of the RisingSun world. Rather than being a single game in its own right, RisingSun is the setting for other play-to-earn games – chiefly SamuraiRising at this point – which feature NFTs and other assets that are not only fully owned by players, but can be used within different games in the metaverse.


Within RisingSun, the RSUN token is the native currency, used to buy land and fund armies. It also acts as a voting token, underpinning both the governance and economy of the metaverse. However, there is a second token, INF, which also plays an important role.


About INF

Influence Token (INF) is acquired by playing SamuraiRising and is used to recruit new samurai warriors – a critical part of succeeding in the game. INF are released as players progress through the game, and are burned when they are used to recruit samurai. A liquidity pool links INF to RSUN, allowing players to swap between these two currencies, as well as helping to underpin the value of INF by ensuring it is tied to the health of the wider ecosystem. CGU scholars will be able to collect INF and stake it to earn revenues, before cashing out or converting to other currencies on TimeX.


INF can be staked to earn passive returns, while staking multipliers increase earnings for those who stake more tokens. Additional INF tokens are dropped to players who are particularly active, participating in 10 games over the course of 24 hours.


SamuraiRising is just the first game to be integrated with the RisingSun metaverse. The ecosystem is being actively developed and has a packed roadmap for the coming year, with new games and features. The next game set to be added to RisingSun is Shogun, scheduled for Q1 2022. All of these features will build the value of RisingSun and, by extension, the other games and tokens within the Samuraiverse. 


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