How To Get Started On TimeX


TimeX is Australia’s foremost cryptocurrency exchange. The platform offers secure, convenient, and fully compliant access to popular digital currencies for global users, with additional options for Australian customers.

Getting started on TimeX is fast and easy. This guide will take you through the first steps and core functionalities.

1. Register

Signing up for TimeX takes just a few minutes. Visit and click Register.

You’ll be asked to fill in your email address and a password in the form. A confirmation code will be sent to your email. Click Confirm Email in this message, or paste the code you were emailed into the box displayed on TimeX, and hit return.

That’s it – you’re registered!

You’ll be redirected to the Balances page, where your balance for each crypto is displayed. If you have received a promo code, enter it in the box and hit ‘Activate’ to get a discount on your trading fees by earning crypto for every trade.

2. Complete KYC

Before you start trading on TimeX, you’ll need to complete some level of account verification. This is a compliance requirement from AUSTRAC, Australia’s financial intelligence agency, and is required for all users.

There are different levels of KYC. Users who trade small amounts of crypto or only occasionally will just need basic KYC, but if you plan to purchase larger amounts or trade often, you’ll likely need a higher level of verification.

Click the User menu item in the top right (to the left of the hamburger menu) and select Account Verification. You’ll need to provide information sequentially, up to the KYC level you require, depending on how much trading you plan to do:

  • Level 1 (up to 1 BTC daily): phone and email verification 
  • Level 2 (up to 5 BTC daily): additional personal information
  • Level 3 (up to 10 BTC daily): proof of residential address
  • Level 4 (up to 20 BTC daily): identity documentation (passport, driving licence)

Find out more about signing up & completing KYC on TimeX in this short step-by-step tutorial:

3. Sign up for the referral program (optional)

TimeX offers a generous affiliates program that enables you to earn up to 80% of the trading fees generated by new users who sign up with your referral link. 

To join the referral program, click Affiliate Program from the main menu to visit the Partner dashboard. You’ll be able to generate a unique referral link, which you can share on social media and other platforms. Your account will automatically be credited with revenues from new users who use your link.

Read more about the TimeX referrals program.

4. Buy crypto

There are different options for buying crypto for cash on TimeX:

  • Buy crypto using a deposit from an Australian bank account. Your AUD will be converted to AUDT, TimeX’s native Australian Dollar Token, which can then be traded for popular currencies on the platform.
  • Buy crypto using ADVCash, a global payment solution. This is more suitable for non-Australian users.
  • You can also deposit bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to trade for assets listed on TimeX.

There are two ways to buy crypto on TimeX: Simple and Advanced modes. Simple Mode is suitable for new users and smaller purchases, and aims to make the process of acquiring crypto as fast and easy as possible. Advanced mode requires some knowledge of trading interfaces and order books. To use Simple Mode, click Convert for the relevant token on the Balances page, or from the top menu. Click Trading from the top menu for Advanced Mode.

Find out more about buying crypto using an Australian bank account.

Find out more about buying crypto using ADVCash.

5. Sell crypto for cash

Converting crypto that you hold on TimeX to cash is straightforward. You can again use Simple Mode to convert small amounts of crypto to AUDT or USD (not USDT or USDC), which can then be withdrawn to an Australian bank account or, in the case of USD, via ADVCash to a debit card. If you used one of these options to purchase crypto, it will already be set up for use on TimeX.

Read more about converting crypto to fiat on TimeX.

6. Deposit and withdraw crypto

If you want to make crypto-to-crypto trades, you’ll need to deposit bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to your TimeX account, and then withdraw them to an external wallet (recommended but not necessary) at the end.

You’ll find addresses to deposit crypto on the Balances page where you arrived when you first signed up. When sending crypto to these addresses, make sure you are using the correct blockchain, and ensure that the address has been copied in full. 

You can withdraw crypto to an external wallet using the Withdraw buttons. Again, make sure you are withdrawing to the correct blockchain.

Find out more about depositing crypto to TimeX in this short step-by-step tutorial:

7. Using the TimeX API

TimeX has an API that you can use to create your own trading bots and applications. 

Find out more about using TimeX’s API.


And that’s it! These are the most important steps and core functionalities of TimeX. We hope that this short guide helps you with your first steps on the exchange. If you ever run into any issues, or if you have general questions, don’t hesitate to use the support widget in the bottom right of TimeX or join us on our Telegram for fast responses and help.

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